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Welcome to Better Telephone Rates .com, the #1 cheap rates comparison site for prepaid long distance and international calling rates for home and business as well as traditional home phone service. If you're looking to compare cheap long distance phone services and prepaid international calling card rates from the best long distance and cell phone service providers with the lowest prices, then you've come to the right website. Please use our free comparison tools below to compare prepaid long distance phone cards and international calling rates and traditional home phone service rates.

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Compare Home Phone Service Long Distance Rates

Company Interstate Rate** Monthly Fee Minimum call/Billing Increment Billing Options/Payment Options More Info / Order
1. ECG 2.5 $0.00* 6/18 seconds EasyPay & EasyBill Only (Electronic) ECG Long Distance - More Info / Order

More Info:  ECG phone service offer's a cheap flat interstate rate of 2.5 cents per minute with low in-state and international rates from ECG Phone Service, NO Monthly Minimums, and 6 Second Billing. Absolutely the Cheapest Long Distance plan available today! Available Nation-Wide from Enhanced Communications Group!

* $0.99 fee applies

2. Opex Communications 2.7 $0.00* 60/60 seconds mailed bill or online bill / credit card or check Opex Communications - More Info / Order

More Info:  OPEX Communications.  Outstanding (USA origination), Opex long distance features low intrastate and 2.7 interstate long distance phone rates for residential customers. Full minute billing. Online signup. Receive an 8% discount by prepaying for your OPEX service. IN-bound Opex toll free service is available for residential and business long distance users at the same low phone rates.

* $0.79 paper billing fee for residential and $1.99 for business, fee is waived when set up for electronic billing

3. Total Call International 3 $0.00* 60/60 seconds online bill Total Call International - More Info / Order

More Info:  State-to-State TCI calls just 3/min. from Total Call International, TCI offer's low In-State and International long distance rates. Signup online, or call toll-free. Stand alone toll free and calling card available!  Up to 100 free state-to-state minutes will be credited on your sixth month's bill.

* $0.79 paper billing fee for residential and $1.99 for business, fee is waived when set up for electronic billing


** Interstate rates above may not be available in all areas.  Please check with provider to determine availability.

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